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Papyrs Launches!

After more than a year of developing, designing, discussing all the beta feedback with you (thanks everyone!), even more coffee and even shorter nights, we are thrilled to finally drop the beta label and announce the launch of Papyrs!

What is Papyrs?
Papyrs is a web application which anyone can use to build their own personalized intranet for their company or team. No technical knowledge is required: just use drag & drop. Nothing to host or to install. Super easy. You can create pages to share news, information, files, images, and more with your colleagues and clients. You can even add custom online forms, which you can use to collect data and process requests. Social features such as the activity stream help you to improve communication and work better together. With the powerful search bar you can find back all your information, discussions and documents instantly.

Since we started the beta in the summer of last year, we have added a lot of features and improvements (powerful instant search, activity stream, visual version history, updated design, Google Apps integration, just to name a few). As always we will continue to add more functionality, and we always appreciate your feedback! We really love working on this and we have big plans to take Papyrs further in the future!

Subscription Plans
With the end of the beta we’re also introducing the subscription plans today. We decided to keep it really simple: $5 (€4) per user per month, that’s it. No page, form, or file limit! People you invite via email to share a page, but are not in your team, do not count towards the number of users. For the very small teams or one man shops out there, we also have a Free plan for up to two users.
If you sign up within the next 7 days you’ll get a 10% life-time discount with the coupon LAUNCH10!

You can find updates information on Papyrs and the subscription plans at The documentation and support pages are also updated.

What happens to us beta users?
You will receive an email today and a notice bar will be displayed in Papyrs. Your account will be converted to a free trial, so you will get an extra fully-featured 30 days to either pick a subscription or a Free account. As a thank you for all our beta users, if you subscribe within 7 days you get an extra beta discount on your Papyrs subscription – for life!

We hope you enjoy using Papyrs and we’ll keep you updated on this blog about the big plans we have in store for Papyrs in the future!

New Papyrs Feature: Show changes between versions of pages

View changes between versions of pages

Today we added a feature to Papyrs that makes it really easy to see how a page has changed over time. It will show you a visual comparison that highlights exactly what has changed.

See at a glance which text has changed (click for a larger screenshot)

Deleted text is in red, newly added text in green. Changes to image galleries, forms, and other widgets are also highlighted for easy comparison.

Select which two versions you wish to compare

Compare pages with a click of a button. That’s it. Have a nice weekend everybody!

Search for Papyrs & more

Today we’re launching a few new features for Papyrs. Let’s start with the biggest one:


With Papyrs it is now possible to search within all your pages, comments, contacts and profiles, attachments, and submitted forms. Just start typing in the search bar and Papyrs returns the results nearly instantaneously. It has find-as-you-type. Never again waste more than a few seconds to find back that document, that attachment to a certain form, or a discussion with your co-worker. Of course Papyrs will only show items in the search results for which you have the necessary permissions.

It means: load letter-sized paper in the Paper Cassette. :)
Search your entrie Papyrs intranet in milliseconds: Papyrs finds your pages, comments, contacts, files, and submitted forms (click for larger screenshot)

Searches within attachments

Papyrs will also searche within attachments. You can find text contained in PDF files, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Do you want us to search within other types of documents as well? Just drop us a line at and let us know.

Advanced Search

There are also a number of advanced search options:

Command Result
Keyword Finds all pages, files, etc, that contain that keyword.
Keyword AnotherKeyword Finds all pages, files, etc, that contain both keywords.
Keyword -AnotherKeyword Finds all pages, files, etc, that contain Keyword but not AnotherKeyword.
Keyword | Anotherkeyword Finds all pages, files, etc, that contain either of the keywords.
(One & Keyword) | Anotherkeyword Use braces for more complex queries…
“exact match” Use quotes to search for an exact sequence of keywords.

Prettier URLs

In the previous version of Papyrs links looked pretty complex. A typical page would have a link that looked like Hard to remember and hard to type! Also, if you shared the page with others by email or if you made the page open to the public the link would change. It would start with https://yoursite-public instead). That just wasn’t very convenient, so we’ve changed it. Links to your papyrs pages now look like this: Simple and easy to type! If the page is shared or public, people you share the page with can access the page with the same link.

When you go to the document’s settings page you can change the location (URL):

Change the location of the page

Smaller changes

1. You can now share profile pages by email address and make profile pages public.

2. You can now link to conversations on pages and on the Activity Feed. Easy if you want to send a link to a conversation via Instant Message or by email.

Link to conversations on the Activity Feed

That’s it

We’re really thrilled to start the year with these new additions, and we think the Search is going to save everybody a lot of time! More new features coming soon!