Announcing our new product! — Papyrs

Hi everyone, big news today for our little company!

For the last months we’ve been working very hard on the development of a new product and we’re happy to finally announce it today! Of course we’re working on the finishing touches, but we’re almost ready for the private beta. So what we’re showing today is a first glimpse of the new product. So, here goes:

An intranet to keep your business information organized.

At you can read all about Papyrs and sign up to receive a beta invite once we launch. We’re really curious about your feedback! (be honest :). If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shout out your thoughts on Twitter (@stunf) or in the comments below. We hope you find Papyrs interesting, and we look forward to the beta! We’ll keep you updated on any Papyrs news on this blog and via twitter.

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