New email features!

After the sudden influx of users (we got over 1200 new users from Mashable alone) it was high time to write some more
features. So here goes:

1. Add tasks via email

When you want to add a task on the go it’s easy to just send an email from your phone.

  1. Go to settings, and check the box “Allow task creation via email”.
  2. Send an email to (or simply You have to use the email address you set in your profile (otherwise we don’t know to which account to add the new task)
  3. A new task is created using the subject line from the email. That’s it.

You can still use tags. So if your subject line of the email is “@jeremy @server Upgrade web server @important @tomorrow” then Jeremy will know he has to upgrade the server, that it’s an urgent task, with a deadline tomorrow. Nifty!

2. Email notifications

But what if Jeremey doesn’t check Thymer every day? It would be even better if Thymer would also email Jeremy. So that’s what this feature is about: email notifications.

It’s really easy. You check the box “Email me at team activity” on the settings page and hit Apply. From then on you’ll be emailed by Thymer whenever a team member comments on a task, completes one or adds a new one.

That’s it. Thanks everybody for trying Thymer and all the detailed feedback!

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