Planning and calendar improvements

New: Start and end times for tasks


To give tasks a start and end time you can use tags like these:

Tag Effect
@2pm-4pm Creates a task that lasts from 2pm to 4pm, in your timezone.
@2pm Creates a task that starts at 2pm. Will show up on your calendar as a one hour event.
@16:00-17:30 You can also use a 24h clock
@8-11am Shorthand is allowed

If you want to specify the start and end time for a task you also have to give the task a due date. So “Attend sales seminar @4-6pm” will not work (4pm on what day?) but “Attend sales seminar @tomorrow @4-6pm” will work.

Calendar improvements

– The start and end times also show up on your calendar.
– You can now use “only show tasks with a deadline” to keep the clutter from your calendar

Now you can see when events start on your iPhone, and you can get alerts as well

Tip: Free SMS/text notifications

If you synchronize your Thymer appointments with Google Calendar you can get text notifications for free.


Google Calendar

SMS notifications have saved us on more than one occasion, and you can’t beat the price! Thanks Google!

Minor search improvements

A few of our users requested a few more special tags to make it easier to find their tasks, so now you can also use the following tags:

Tag Effect
@notags Find all tasks without tags
@noproject Find all tasks that are not part of a project
@nodue Tasks without a due date
@norepeat Tasks that do not recur

That’s it for today. More news coming soon!