Thymer for iPhone

3 minute screencast

A quick 3 minute introduction to Thymer for the iPhone!

Project list

Users and Projects
After you log in you get to the project tab. Here you can switch between accounts, select whose task list you want to view and navigate to the recent activity feed. At the very bottom you’ll find a search box, which works just like search in the regular version of Thymer.

Task Details

View task

When you select a task you go to the task details tab. Here you can assign the task to somebody else, mark it complete, toggle flags (discuss/billable/important/waiting for) and add tags. Tags you’ve used before are recommended automatically to save you some typing. Add or remove tags with just a tap of your finger. At the bottom of the page you can discuss the task with your team members or add some notes for yourself.

Recent Activity Feed

Recent Activity
Want to keep track of your team on the road? That’s where the Recent Activity Feed comes in. Here you can follow discussions, see which tasks have been completed and so on.

Offline Use (experimental)

When you’re not connected to the internet (or if you’re using an iPod touch) the web app will automatically start in offline mode. In Offline Mode you can access your tasks and projects (providing you’ve accessed them before) and check the recent activity feed. However, you cannot make changes to tasks, nor can you search for them.

How to get it

Go to with your mobile browser and log in. Check the box “iPhone version” or “Android version” on the login page. For the best experience with the iPhone, add the app to your home screen after you’ve logged in. You can do this by clicking on the + icon on the bottom of the mobile Safari window. Then select “Add to Home Screen” to turn Thymer into a one-click app with support for offline use.

7 Replies to “Thymer for iPhone”

  1. Very nice webapp, great work on the UI. Behaves almost like a true native app.

    Too bad because it is a webapp, it still refreshes slow when switching projects/windows.

    I think I found a bug too.. for each task added, I get a tag “undefined” with it.
    select a specific project
    add task
    fill description of task (I love it that you still allow the smart adding of tasks (with @ etc)
    save it
    now, in the overview of the tasks in that project, the added task has keyword “undefined”
    – note I have set “important” to “ON”

    also: please stay in the project after adding a task, instead of going back to the overview screen.

    I guess it is not possible to enable swipe for “done”?

    The offline mode doesn’t seem to “stick”?

    I guess push of notifications is out of the question with this? Or will there be a native app too?

    in any case, happy to use thymer. Now even happier :-)

    1. @Marco

      Faster refreshes between projects/windows are planned. It won’t ever be as responsive as a native app, but we can get pretty close. I’ll look into the “undefined” bug — thanks for the bug report.

      If you don’t have an internet connection (e.g. airplane mode / no reception) you’ll go to offline mode automatically. Otherwise it will assume you want to use online mode. I’ll probably make it “stick” as you suggest.

      I like the other suggestions (push notifications / swipe to complete) — we’ll look into these soon.

      Feedback appreciated!

  2. Hi,

    I’m using Symbian. The site for mobile Thymer seems to open the mobile app, but it is not possible to make further steps. It looks like to me that Thymer for Symbian should not be a big step to get running on this platform. Atleast the online version. Do you have any plans to also include the large Symbian community?


  3. iPhone 3 device and Google Apps Enterprise account.
    This must be very simple to solve: does not enter my acount, but instead I get a login/pwd page for new users.

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