Preview of Thymer — Team Productivity done right!

Organizing and planning is hard. What has to be done? By whom and when? And how much time does it take? Problems we too had to deal with when developing our products.

To answer those questions we tried many different web applications. But we kept going back to using notepad (you know, todo.txt) or plain ol’ paper. Why?

Two things. First, data entry took too much effort. Second, there was still no clear way to tell what to do next. No easy way to do planning.

If using the system takes too much effort and is too complicated, you stop using it. This is where most apps fail. We decided to build “Thymer” to fix our problem.

Thymer is the way to manage and plan tasks without effort. It’s as simple as paper. And because of our unique single page design you always know exactly where you are.

But don’t take our word for it – check out the screencast and see for yourself!

(00:00 introduction, 00:35 adding todos, 01:40 planning, 02:20 deadlines, 03:50 projects, 04:42 time tracking, 06:20 working in teams; deleted scenes)

Starting out as a side project we use internally, we now think this web application might be valuable to more folks. That’s why we decided to polish it and turn it into a separate product.

Private beta will start soon. Interested? Sign up here.

PS: While doing the screencast, we made quite a few mistakes – but we learned a lot! Want to know more? Let us know, and we’ll be happy to blog about it.

One Reply to “Preview of Thymer — Team Productivity done right!”

  1. It’s a nice product btw, very nice.

    How are you going to promote your product?

    Btw, I noticed one minor detail, at 6:06, you’re saying that the green color shows that the task took less than estimated, probably instead of a + next to it, it should be a minus. I’m saying this cause I find a bit weird to have a + when the task actually took less time…

    Again, it’s a nice product…

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