New reporting features

In order to track the time and costs of projects and people, Reports can be created from change log entries at the Reports page. In the Create Report dialog, a project, a member from your team, and some additional options can be selected. The report then shows the changes made by that person in that project, during the selected date range. To make it even easier to find out how much time was spent where and by whom, we now introduce an additional reporting feature: grouping by projects or persons.


When creating a report for “All” projects, or “All” users, a new option appears: “Group by project”, or “Group by user”. For example, to see how much time Emily spent on which project in June, we can now select “Emily”, 6/1 through 6/30, “All” projects, and “Group by projects”. The report will still be grouped by date, but first by project, showing sub totals per project.

Example of a report of time spent by Peter in May&June. Grouped by project.