Thymer is Beta no More!

It's the the twin STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) spacecraft, in case you're wondering.

We’re launching!

Since we started our Private Beta back in early April this year Thymer has come a long way. We’ve added many features (Team Support, Permissions, Search, Email notifications, Twitter Integration and much more) and we’ve fixed countless of bugs. And now finally, we’re think we’re ready to remove the Beta label.

But first, some new features!



You can now change the appearance of Thymer to make it fit better in your organization. You can put your own logo in the top left corner, add text to the log in screen, and you even get to pick own subdomain. In this example,



The more people rely on the Thymer, the more important a secure connection to our servers becomes. So from now on users can access Thymer securely via SSL.

New Website

What can I say? It really speaks for itself (if it doesn’t — we’re doing something wrong)! It has a feature tour, buzz page and a page where we explain all the different subscriptions.

Subscription Plans

Last but not least — you can now order (and pay for) Thymer! There are at the moment 4 different kinds of subscriptions. Professional, Small Team, Team, and Free. Of course, we also have a comparison page between of different subscriptions. See screen shot below.


What happens to us Beta users?

You’ll get an email today and a page will pop up the first time you log in. In short: you get an extra fully-featured 30 days to either pick a subscription or a Free Account. Sign ups within 7 days get an extra lifetime discount.

So what’s next?

To start with? An iPhone version, iCal and Google Calendar integration, API access, integration with 3rd party services, and much more. We have only just begun!

9 Replies to “Thymer is Beta no More!”

  1. congratulations!

    you have created a very sweet tool there. i would like to see: jira, ms project, csv import / export & synchronization. maybe your api will help support that.

  2. Congrats! Lots of nice things to come, I am especially looking forward to an iPhone app (preferred, with push of course ;-)) or iPhone optimized webapp.

  3. I’m really excited about trying out Thymer. I put my name down for the beta just a few days ago, so I didn’t get to try it until the launch today.

    I’m looking for task manager which will help me implement David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” concept (GTD). I won’t go into too many details here as I couldn’t do it justice – there’s plenty of info on the web.

    Under GTD, as well as individual projects with actions (tasks) for each, I also need to keep track of additional lists:
    An ‘Inbox’, where all tasks, notes etc enter the system;
    A ‘Someday/Maybe’ list of tasks/ideas that I’m not committing to at the moment;
    A ‘Waiting For’ list to keep track of things I’m waiting for a response on (delegated tasks);
    Various ‘context’ lists, e.g. @home, @work, @PC, @calls, @errands, etc which group tasks by where they can be done.

    I thought the simplest way to set this up in Thymer would be to set up a separate ‘project’ for each list. However, when I looked at the Thymer plans available, I ran into a possible hitch. The only option for me financially at the moment would be the ‘Free’ plan. Yet this only allows me 4 ‘projects’. I’d need at least 8 before I got going on any real projects, just to cover the above lists.

    Thymer has the potential to be a useful tool for those of us practising GTD. Many of those might be happy to eventually upgrade to a paid-for product once they have set up Thymer to work with GTD and tested it out thoroughly, or once financial circumstances allow. However, limiting the free plan to only 4 projects stops any GTD implementation in it’s tracks.

    I hope that you will consider lifting this restriction on the number of projects. The other distinctions between the free plan and the paid-for plans could be maintained i.e. Reminders, SSL, Time Tracking, Reports & Feed, etc.

    In the meantime, I’d be interested to here from any Thymer user who practices GTD and has managed to come up with a way round this limitation.

  4. Love Thymer, this week’s a trial week for me, making lists in colorful projects, nice!

    My feature requests after using it for two days:
    – Import / feed in Google calendar -> that’s the place where I hang out every day, so that’s where I have to be pressed with my nose on the facts (met de neus op de feiten, is dat Engels? Hmmm) that I have stuff to do.

    – I need more project colors. If you make mini projects, like you are supposed to in the GTD theory (, you need a lot of different projects and project colors to keep them apart.

    – Looking forward to an iPhone app too

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hey Leo,

    – Import/feed interaction with Google Calendar is on the way, as well as an web optimized iPhone version.

    – We’ve been thinking about adding more colors, but we can’t keep the colors apart. So there are now light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue and so on.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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